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Booking procedure

Following you may find a detailed guide on how to use sailbooking to book your sailboat charter. The use of for your sailboat booking is very easy, uncomplicated and safe.

At the home page your are asked to choose:

  • The type of hull you prefer (monohull or catamaran)
  • The number of cabins that you want your charter to have
  • The week you want to book the vessel (date choice is available only between Saturdays)
  • Pressing the Search button, takes you to the next page, where you find all the results available for the choices you made
  • Sailboats are sorted by price (lowest price at the top)
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Cancellation policy

What you need to know with reference to the cancellation policy of sailbooking

In case of cancellation of a charter, the prepayment is not refundable.

The balance payment (the remaining 50% of the charter cost) refund is subject to the owner-charterer agreement

Customer Ranking

A valuable source of information for the potential charterer, offering unbiased information on sailboats.
Charterers get better insights of the sailboat’s condition, while owners have the chance to improve their vessels, offering a more competitive charter.

At the end of the charter period, charterers receive a pre-designed form, in order to rank the various aspects of the sailboat charter experience.

An additional open-ended text box, is offered for comments on the overall experience of the charter.

Participation in the customer ranking procedure is optional.

Privacy Policy

With this privacy policy Sailbooking aims to create a frame for the safety and protection of personal data of those who use the website services.

Sailbooking privacy policy follows not only all National Legislation relevant provisions concerning personal data protection and communications privacy guarantee (L. 2472/1997 about personal data protection, L. n. 3471/2006 about private life protection on the field of electronic communications as applied today, the Α.Δ.Α.Ε. Communications Privacy Safety Regulations as published on GGG 87& 88/26-1-2005 and apply today, and the P.D. 47/2005) but also the relevant community law provisions. In any case, our company communications privacy policy is being adapted on regular basis, according to the technological progress and the legislation in use.

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Terms & Conditions

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Terms of use of the sailbooking website

You are welcome on the website “”, owned by “MARINOS MARKOZANES SINGLE MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (SAILBOOKING) with registered seat in Vari Attikis, Aithras str. 10.
Through our website sailboats are advertised and promoted with a view to being chartered. In specific periods, there are chartering offers and special promotional prices, as they are described in each sale promotion. The chartering of advertised sailboats through SAILBOOKING’s website, is possible under the following conditions which the visitor/ charterer accepts fully and unconditionally.

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Agreement of cooperation

Agreement of cooperation of “MARINOS MARKOZANES SINGLE MEMBER COMPANY LIMITED” (SAILBOOKING) with the assignor-supplier (sailboat owner)

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