Privacy Policy

With this privacy policy Sailbooking aims to create a frame for the safety and protection of personal data of those who use the website services.Sailbooking privacy policy follows not only all National Legislation relevant provisions concerning personal data protection and communications privacy guarantee (L. 2472/1997 about personal data protection, L. n. 3471/2006 about private life protection on the field of electronic communications as applied today, the Α.Δ.Α.Ε. Communications Privacy Safety Regulations as published on GGG 87& 88/26-1-2005 and apply today, and the P.D. 47/2005) but also the relevant community law provisions. In any case, our company communications privacy policy is being adapted on regular basis, according to the technological progress and the legislation in use.

Every user’s computer connecting on the internet acquires an internet protocol address (IP Address) for the exact time of connection. The IP address shows the provider through which the user has connected on the internet and the computer’s temporary ID. When the user visits our internet presentation, the Computers note the IP Address. IP addresses do not reveal any physical identification recognizable data of the user and are solely used by Sailbooking for statistical reasons concerning our web presentation traffic (visits rate).

During the call of interest of the user/subscriber of the site, and for the reservation of Sailbooking’s services, the completion of a web form  is required by the user. In this form, we ask the user to complete communication information, such as name, surname, e-mail, and post mail, as well as some economic information such as his credit card number, the full name as appeared on the credit card in latin characters, month and year of expiry of the credit card. This information is used solely for the reservation, and the charge of the user’s  credit card with the amount of a specific chartering according to the specially mentioned terms of use. In case the reservation is not finalized according to the terms as mentioned in the Terms of use section, or in case of a problem immersion during the user’s credit card charging, those information are used for our communication with the user in order to address the above issues.
The use of publicized contacts, such as addresses, telephone and fax numbers as well as e-mails via third parties for their transmission is forbidden. We explicitly reserve the right for taking legal measures against any sending of spam mails in transgression of the present prohibition.

The hyperlinks have been chosen and publicized after thorough research. Nevertheless, we do not have any power over the content, their opportuneness, their accuracy, quality and design. We  indicate that we do not take over any responsibility about the content of the linked websites and we do not necessarily adopt  their content. Likewise, we do not take responsibility for material or immaterial damage through the use or non-use of the content, opportuneness, correctness, quality and design of the links.

Our pages contain information regularly and carefully updated. Nevertheless, we do not bear responsibility for their opportuneness, correctness, quality and thoroughness. The same applies to any material or immaterial damage through the use or non use of the provided information. All information is non bounding and without obligation. We conserve the right to change, add, delete or close sections or the whole of the information, without prior notice.

Royalty rights (of property and moral form) of the present Privacy Statement  text belong to Sailbooking. Any renaming, reproduction, distribution or  modification of the present text and the respective digital data is forbidden, whereas the use of the present text is confined to its uploading on the website of the company. Any other use of the present by anyone as well as removal of this particular paragraph without written consent of the  author is forbidden.