Terms & Conditions

Terms of use of the sailbooking website

You are welcome on the website  “www.sailbooking.gr”, owned by “MARINOS MARKOZANES SINGLE MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (SAILBOOKING) with registered seat in Vari Attikis, Aithras str. 10.
Through our website sailboats are advertised and promoted with a view to being chartered.  In specific periods, there are chartering offers and special promotional prices, as they are described in each sale promotion. The chartering of advertised sailboats through SAILBOOKING’s website, is possible under the following conditions  which the visitor/ charterer accepts fully and unconditionally.
By proceeding to access this web site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below.

A. Terms
•Company: The company under the name SAILBOOKING, with registered seat in Vari Attikis, Aithras str. 10 (contact number: 213-0314880 Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00),
•Site: the present website “www.sailbooking.gr”
•Supplier: every  legal entity or individual possessing or operating a sail boat (s) and using the company website in order to offer it (them) to chartering in special promotional prices to the users/ subscribers of the site.
•Chartering: the rent of advertised and promoted through the site sailboats following the present terms of use and according to the rules of existing legislation.
•Hirer/ Charterer: every user/subscriber who charters a sailboat within the time period described and following the terms set forth by the present, terms and conditions.
•Certification: Electronic confirmation of the finalization of the charter and the total charge of the hirer’s credit card. It is dispensed through the site to the hirer, brings a unique code number and is indispensable to be handed to the supplier for the completion of the chartering.
•Price: the total amount of the chartering. It is the same as the displayed on the site value of the specific chartering, as it results after having taken into account the specific parameters of the hirer’s choices (specific boat/time period/specific provisions/extras)
•Offer: the quotation of the advertised boats for chartering for a specific time period in a special promotional price (offer).

B. Website services /procedure & terms of provision of service

1.The company enables Suppliers to offer sailboats of their ownership or operated by them to chartering through the site,  to users/subscribers of the site as well as to display offers according to the special terms and conditions that rule every single offer. The company does not acquire the status of the lessor but participates uniquely as a third party -mediator.
2.The company sends Certification electronically through the site to hirers, confirming the completion-finalization of the chartering, according to the hereinafter presented provisions, art. 3 and 4. The hirer takes over the chartered boat after showing this Certification to the owner, without further formalities.
3.The user/subscriber may initially be interested in one or more sailboats, from those advertised on the site, by completing in the relevant field his name, e-mail and his credit card information data. With the activation of the call of interest (which actually takes place after clicking on the “confirmation” (book) button, the company reserves on the hirer’s credit card an amount equal to 50% of the chartering value. This amount is reserved by the company in the name of the supplier. Within two (2) working days at the most after submitting the call of interest, the company proceeds to the finalization of the reservation and the total charge of the hirer’s credit card for the above amount (50% of the offer value), having already confirmed -in communication with the owner- the availability of the particular boat. In case of non-availability of the boat, the company is bound to release in two working days delay, the above mentioned amount from the hirer’s credit card.
4.After finalization of the reservation and the succeeded debit of the hirer’s credit card, the company sends the last confirmation, with the detailed information of the reservation. The confirmation is online on the hirer’s profile page, and at the same time a briefing is send to him explaining how to receive them in the electronic address stated by him. Also, the company sends to the hirer’s electronic address the personal communication data of the supplier, so as to make possible the communication between the two parties.
5.The supplier’s communication data is send after the finalization of the reservation. The supplier engages to notify the hirer about every detail of the chartering (location of the Supplier in the port etc). Furthermore, the supplier addresses directly with the hirer the way of payment of the remaining 50% of the pricing. The company does not interfere in any stage of this communication. The supplier issues the total invoice for the chartering directly in the name of the hirer after the completion of the chartering.
6.The hirer does not pay any fee at the company, the services and use of which is free of charge.
7.The specifications and information of the chartered sailboats, should be according to the specifications and information that the company uploads /diplays on the site after instructions and information given by the supplier. We point out that the company bears no responsibility for possible differentiation of these specifications, for which the sole responsible towards the hirer, is the supplier. Indicatively and not restrictively, the company bears no responsibility for the quality, the particular characteristics, possible legal or actual defects of the chartered sailboats as of the way and the time of delivery to the hirer.
8.The supplier is charged to deliver the chartered sailboat as appropriate and in compliance to all safety and safe navigation rules for its category as they are described in the national and the European community legislation. The company does not bear any responsibility for  the application of these rules from the supplier. Furthermore, the company bears no responsibility for accidents or damage of the hirer, proved to be directly or indirectly connected with any action or omission of the assignor, in connection with his obligations in safety, maintenance and repair of the chartered vessels, as they are imposed by the technical specifications of the constructor and the contemporary rules of  craftsmanship and science.
9.The company bears no responsibility in case, after the finalisation of the reservation, the supplier enters in a status of bankruptcy, solving and liquidation or compulsory management resulting in failing to deliver the chartered sailboat.

C. Way of payment

10.The payment of the chartering is made solely by credit card. For electronic submission of the call of interest from the hirer and the holding of the 50% of the reservation value (see above art. 3), all Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted, as well as any payment method the paypal system accepts. The users/subscribers transactions on the site are protected by superior online security systems (digital certification encrupted with SSL 128-bit, credit card three digit security code (CVV) checking, additional online transactions security systems, as the Verified By Visa TM by Visa or the SecureCodeTM by Mastercard), which guarantee a secure transactional frame.
11.The user/subscriber manifests his interest for one or more of the advertised boats, giving his credit card  personal information. The final drawing up of the conventional agreement between the supplier and the user/subscriber (chartering) takes place with the finalization of the reservation by the company and the final charge of the hirer’s credit card as stated in detail above (art. 3 and 4).
12.For security reasons, the company, does not save credit cards information for future use, so the user/ subscriber has to reenter his data every time he wishes to manifest interest for an eventual reservation-offer. With entering the necessary information, the  user/ subscriber states that he has legal right of the credit card.
13.In case of illegal use of credit cards, the company bears no responsibility.  By providing credit card information, the hirer confirms his consent in reserving for the amount equal to 50% of the total value of the reservation.
14.In case the transaction with the credit card is aborted by the bank or the credit card network for whatever reason, (for instance: excess of the credit limit or fraud suspicion), then the submission of interest from the part of the hirer is reasonably considered from the company for as never having taken place.
15.The company reserves the right to deny for whatever reason the call of interest for any future reservation-offer of a new or existing user.
16.In case of non-availability of the offer, the company must, in a  two (2) working days delay at the most, proceed in the releasing of the amount of the offer from the credit card (art. 3).
17.The credit card transactions are dealt with through the Website of the company with use of the services of Internet Payments Processing provider of the company.
18.The company bears no responsibility for non realisation of charges or blocking of amounts with credit cards, in case of responsibility of the Internet Payments Processing provider or the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Cases of non responsibility of the company are:
a. Malfunction of hardware or software of the Internet Payment Processing provider: in the event that the request server of the  Internet Payments Processing provider stops working according to the specifications either due to hardware failure (indicatively: hard drive damage, electric current loss, primary memory damage) or due to software problems, the hirer’s submission of interest is to be reasonably considered as never have taken place for the company.
b. Non informing the company about the completion of the transaction. In case the transaction is charged or blocked in a credit card, without the company being informed through the usual accepted procedure, then the submission of interest will be considered as never have taken place by the company. The Internet Payment Processing provider may be responsible for the inability to have the company informed.

D. Limited access allowance
The company, under the hereby stated terms and conditions after having taken into consideration all appropriate laws and regulations, administers to users/subscribers a non-exclusive, non-transmittable, private, limited  right of access and use of this site and its content. This allowance does not represent a rights transfer of the website and is subject to the following restrictions:
1.The user/subscriber must comply with all provisions related to intellectual and property rights, and
2.The  user/subscriber does not have the right neither to modify the site and its information not to reproduce or present them in public, nor to  distribute or use in any other way the site for public or commercial aim, except if it is admitted by the present agreement (see art. H)

E. Modifications/ periodic changes
The company expands, updates and ameliorates the site, and the promoted products and services and at the same time modifies freely the terms of use of the site. Therefore, it is suggested to users/subscribers to read regularly the terms of use, in order to stay informed for possible changes in their content.
The company reserves the right to modify or change the applicable conditions and requirements for the use of the site in any time, without prior notification to the  users/subscribers. Such changes, modifications, additions or cancelations in the conditions and requirements will be  at immediate effect, from the moment of their uploading on the site. After such change or modification each use of the site is supposed to be fully accepted by the user/subscriber. The company can, at any time, denounce, change, freeze or spot any partial service of the site, including the availability of services presentation or description of any product or service.

F. Limitation of responsibility
The company bears no responsibility to cover a third party claim, whatsoever, which could arise in relation to the use, copy or falsification of the site or its contents or of any other related site by non-authorised by the company parties, no matter if the company was informed, was aware or could be aware of this possibility.

G. Industrial and Intellectual property rights
All content of the site, including trademarks, logos, texts, images, photos and software belong to the company and are protected by the Greek and International legislation. Furthermore, the design and presentation of the site as long as its settings also belong to the company. Any copy, analogue /digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, modification, selling, work production creation or misinformation of the public  about the real provider of the site is forbidden. Any reproduction, publication, uploading, announcement, diffusion or transmission or any other use of the content in any possible way for commercial or other reasons is permitted only after prior written license of the company or of any other legal beneficiary of the above stated intellectual rights. The display of the above mentioned on the site can not be held in any way as transfer or cession of license or of use right, for any of the above mentioned.

H.  user’s/subscriber’s responsibility
The  users/subscribers of the site accept not to use it for publication, transmission through e-mail, or transmission with other ways: of content proven illegal, harmful, menacing, insulting, depreciative, defamating, vulgar, indecent and in any way contrary to the morality, or being the result of privacy infraction of a third party, shows prejudice, or expresses racial, national or other discriminations, may in any way cause damage to youngsters or does not have the right to transmit according to the law or by conventional prohibition (such as confidential information acquired or revealed as part of working relations or being covered by confidentiality agreements), transgressing any patent, commercial trademark, commercial privacy, intellectual rights, or other property rights of a third party, conteins software viruses, or other kind of codecs, files or programms, which have been created in the aim of disruption, damaging, destruction of the function of any software or hardware, transgresses in any way the applicable greek and community legislation and its provisions, may harass a third party in any possible way and with any content is used to collect or save other users’ personal data. In any case and under consideration of the above mentioned, the  user/subscriber has the possibility to inform a third party (through e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc) for the offers of the site.

I. Transactions security
The company acknowledges the importance to follow all necessary legal procedures related to the security of personal data, and electronic transactions and has taken every measure, according to the most modern technical methods, in order to ensure the best possible security. All information, related to the buyer’s personal data, are secured as confidential. The company has adopted procedures, that protect personal information with which users/subscribers provide through the site or in some other way (eg. by telephone). This procedures protect  user’s/subscriber’s data from any non-authorised access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and change or destruction. They also help to certify that the data is accurate and is used properly. The users/subscribers connection to the site is secured, as digital certificate technology is involved.

J. Controlled access (firewall)
Access to the company’s systems (servers) is controlled by firewall, which allows the users/subscribers to use  specific services whereas it prohibits  access to systems and data basis with confidential information of the company.

K. Confidentiality of transactions
As mentioned above, confidentiality is presumed. All information conveyed by the users/subscribers are confidential and the company has taken every necessary measures so as they are used only where it is necessary within the provided services. Only authorized employees have access at the information of your transactions and only when it is indispensable. The company does not reveal the site  users/subscribers information and their transactions, except if it  possesses written authorization by them or when this is imposed by court /public authority decision.  The  user/subscriber  has the right to ask whatever information is kept for himself, as well as their correction in case that occurrence of error can be proven.