The Dodecanese

-A complex of about 100 islands, the 26 of which, inhabited.
-Apart from the most known ones, as Rodos, Karpathos, Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos there are many others worth visiting if passing among them.
-They are not very popular with tourists or sailors, but each one of them has its own charm and beauty. Apart from the crystal clear waters, and the peacefulness, they have beautiful traditional settlements, as well as archaeological sites from the neolithical era.
-If you head from Kalymnos to Kos, why not make a stop at Pserimos (to have the unique experience of the slow life rythms, the virgin beaches and taste the delicious lamb with tomato sauce)
-On the W of Kalymnos, you will stop at Telendos. Paradise, next to Potha, is a nudist- friendly sandy beach.
-Lisewise, from Nisyros to Rodos, pass through Tilos (for the exotic waters of Eristos, the monasteries, the caslte) and Halki, the island with the golden sand, the gentle people, and the noble beauty.
-If you like perfect quiteness to saviour the peaceful of nature, make a stop at Kassos near Karpathos as well as the near by islet of Armathia with some of the most amazing bays of the Mediterranean -Marmara/ Karavostasi. Pay a visit to Sellai, the cave with the impressive stalagmites.
-Last but not least is Kastelloriso, this very beautiful island, at the most SE tip of Greece. The scenery when approaching the harbour is undescribable, since the mansions, the traditional houses and the amphitheatrical architecture make an alltogether impressive picture. You will find fuel and water supplies and you will stroll through the paths of the town. If you like cultural tourism, visit the Acropole, the archaeological site, the castle.