Greece: sunlight, clear waters, wind for your sails, countless islands, beatiful sunsets, unspoilt beaches and of course… traditional culinary treasures!

What else do we need to enjoy our vacations? Forget the Caribbean, forget Hawaii…Think Greece! A country that seems carved by the sea, with 13.676 km of coastline and more than 3000 islands and islets, provides the sailing aficionados with vast choices of itineraries that almost compels you to visit again…and again.

Sail to the Ionian islands, the Cyclades, the islands of Argosaronicos, the Sporades, the Dodecanese and the North Aegean islands. Each cluster has its own character and cultural background, offering the visitor a unique experience  as each differs from the rest as far as the architecture, the habitat, the beaches, the sea and wind conditions are concerned.