Following you may find a detailed guide on how to use sailbooking to book your sailboat charter

The use of for your sailboat booking is very easy, uncomplicated and safe.

  • At the home page your are asked to choose:
    • The type of hull you prefer (monohull or catamaran)
    • The number of cabins that you want your charter to have
    • The week you want to book the vessel (date choice is available only between Saturdays)
  • Pressing the Search button, takes you to the next page, where you find all the results available for the choices you made
  • Sailboats are sorted by price (lowest price at the top)
  • You may now check all the available photos of the vessels, the equipment available and the offers in different time periods.
  • You may even compare the available vessels to choose your preferred one.
  • To make your comparison easier, you may choose up to three sailboats, that will be compared in terms of detailed specifications and equipment.
  • When you choose your preferred sailboat, you need to press the BOOK button.
  • In the next page you will complete your booking by:
    • stating the total number of persons that will sail in the vessel
    • selecting an alternative offer/time period
    • choosing among the extras offered for your comfort
    • filling in your personal contact details
    • accepting the terms & conditions of using
  • You are now being transferred to the paypal SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) page to perform the payment. At this stage your are asked to prepay the 50% of the total charter cost.
  • This payment is non refundable. The remaining 50% of the charter cost will be paid directly to the sailboat owner, by a specific date, as stated in the agreement between the owner and the charterer.  
  • The prepayment amount is debited to your credit card or paypal account, only at the sailboat owner’s acceptance of the charter. This procedure is completed in 3 working days.
  • The sailboat owner then sends you the owner-charterer agreement to confirm your charter.

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