It is called SALT, designed by the talented Lujac Desautel who has come up with a real ‘floating palace’ that is sure to catch the eye of superyacht owners.

Lujac Desautel’s SALT concept is very much a luxury item. But it is no celebrity-style motoryacht; it is a 180ft yacht, complete with two masts and huge sails.

The living quarters resemble a glass box, offering stunning views 24/7 and the glass area can be folded away so as to open up the yacht and take in the sea air. There are also steps that can be folded down into the sea giving you your very own swimming pool.

Included on board is a dining area that can cater for 12 people, a cocktail bar and even an interior garden. There is one master cabin, two VIP cabins and two twin-bed residences.

The yacht is a progression from Desautel’s GLASS structure which was inspired by skyscrapers and Lego.